Naming (Obscure!) Emotions

Happy summer, SEL fans!  Your favorite Austin ISD SEL blog will be on vacation for a couple weeks after today, so here is a list of words to help describe those difficult-to-name emotions.  We didn’t want to leave you without a resource as you look for ways to identify your feelings during complex summer communication, of course!


(credit: The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows)

As a (dubious) aid for usage and word serving suggestion, I offer this small poem:


The Bookstore, Near Closing

I realize with sonder,

There are many lives to ponder

As I sit with wistful vellichor

In this ancient used book store.

I listen close to all of the

Cacophonous anecdoche

Of patrons here. I wonder when

The quiet kenopsia sets in,

If this evening’s storm will rage

Outside, and I will turn a page

And wrap myself in chrysalism

Contemplating solipsism.

Thanks for reading, dear readers, and see you soon with more news and stories from the Austin ISD’s Social and Emotional Learning Team!