May Oh My: Time to SELebrate!

As strange as it’s been lately, there is a LOT to SEL-ebrate!

For starters, we see you out there growing your SEL competencies! Understandably, we all have had to do a lot of growing in our self-awareness in order to do the self-management necessary to stay socially aware in times of spatial distancing. We’ve also had the opportunity to practice new ways of building and maintaining relationships, while managing work, possible parenting and household responsibilities, all taking our executive functioning to the next level. And, in order to accomplish everything on our plates right now, it’s imperative to make responsible decisions around time, resources and health/safety management.

That’s right, y’all! We are really working the whole SEL wheel right now. And, for some of us, we’re practicing our competencies in ways we may have never explored before. Now, THAT IS WORTH CELEBRATING!

We’re in this together!

When it comes to the foundation of our SEL wheel, our Austin ISD teachers and support staff are out there inventing new ways to create safe, culturally responsive, academically engaging, and equitable learning environments – WITHOUT ACTUAL CLASSROOMS. The district has devised a locally curated AISD Learning At-Home resource, supplemented and supported by our very own department’s SEL At-Home site. We are also distributing printed materials and technology to families, to increase access and help provide continuous learning while we practice spatial distancing. Additionally, district staff, community members, volunteers, and donors from across our city have ensured that families continue to get healthy food and resources.

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay 

May is traditionally Teacher Appreciation Month, and this May of all Mays is a unique time to appreciate our teachers and educators who have worked so hard to provide not just innovative academic content, but genuine care, connection and help for students and families. Follow #ThankYouTeacherStories and add your own all week this week [May 4th-May 8th] to celebrate Austin ISD educators!

Of course, May is also the last month of school before summer break, and traditionally time for classrooms full of students and teachers to celebrate their learning and accomplishments over the course of the school year. Sure, 2019-2020 got interrupted in that regard, but teachers and students are always coming up with innovative ways to celebrate and connect with each other!

We encourage you to take a moment to pause, recognize, and appreciate ourselves and those around us.

What are you doing to SELebrate yourself, your students, your school, or anything these days? How have you appreciated an educator lately? Let us know in the comments, and tag us on social media @austinisdsel! Even though we are spatially distanced, we sure appreciate the education journey we are privileged to share with all y’all. Thank you for you!

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