October Balance

We’ve made it to October, SEL Fans – the month in which Fall really begins to begin here in Central Texas. Educators everywhere are presenting the core of their content, and often managing myriad tasks both personally and professionally.  It’s a lovely time of year, but it also can be one of the most stressful times. Therefore, it’s the perfect moment to consider balance in our lives.


The concept of work-life balance can be challenging–we all have so many things to do, and now we’re also supposed to make sure we’re prioritizing self-care, being mindful, and all that other stuff?  How do we even start to think about work-life balance?

Let’s Get Balanced!

Luckily, teachers are resourceful and willing to share, and two dynamic educators from Bedicheck Middle School wrote this article as a guest post all about how to infuse our school lives with more balance!

Christine Carter, author, sociologist, and life coach, offers these concrete tips for ways to feel more loved and connected, enjoy today more, and ease feelings of overwhelm.  She also suggests the following about the idea of “multi-tasking:”

The human brain did not evolve to focus on many things at once; it evolved to focus on one thing at a time. And so the brain does not actually ever multitask. It can’t actually run multiple apps at any one time; it can only switch rapidly between tasks. This is a giant energy drain for your brain.

Her whole premise is, if we give ourselves permission to do less, we actually become more productive. How about that for work-life balance! She even has a whole free online course about it! (For when you have the time. ;))

Bringing it back to education specifically, check out some online resources about teacher work-life balance here, here, and here.  And this article presents ideas for teachers, by teachers, especially about balancing school and family life.

Being an educator is hard work, and heart work, and can certainly be stressful. It’s often hard to see the impact of the effort we put in every day.  Remember that you are indeed making an impact, more than you may ever know, and that you deserve care, rest, and joy!


How will you invite some balance into your life this October? Let us know by tagging @austinisdsel on social media, and leaving your thoughts in the comments! We are so glad you are out there.

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