Welcome Back! Welcome Home! Welcome to August!

Happy August, Austin ISD Social and Emotional Learning fans! We are so excited for the potential and promise of a shiny new school year. Effective teaching and learning is rooted in building positive classroom relationships, so let’s hit the relationship-building ground running!


Sounds Great! Where Do We Start?

Teachers have been creating visuals, structures and systems in their classrooms that facilitate relationship-building since teaching was invented. Here are some tried-and-true ideas to consider for your learning space:


Of course, these are just a few ways to craft a relationship-based learning environment. Another idea is to consider incorporating the Collaborative for Academic and Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)‘s Three Signature SEL Practices:

signature practices

Check out this resource for more details and examples!

Okay, I’m Ready! Let’s Get To Work!

Creating a relationship-based classroom is one of the key ways we welcome our students back to their learning environment home. What relationship-building ideas are you inspired to try this year?  Let us know in the comments, and keep us posted on social media by tagging @austinisdsel and using the hashtag #WelcomeHomeAISD!


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