Spring Semester 2016!


Welcome to your brand new semester, Austin ISD SEL fans!  Happy 2016! As a new year begins, it’s a great time to get back in touch with the five competencies of Social and Emotional Learning. These are the concepts we explicitly teach and practice with all 83,000+ students in our district, helping guide their paths toward engaged learning, positive citizenship and rich lives. Here is the Wheel of SEL Competencies, explained by an American luminary leader we also celebrate this week!

mlkcaselcompetencies (3)

As we remember the legacy of Dr. King in our hearts and classrooms, we revitalize the journey of growth, compassion, and learning for our students and ourselves. Here’s to new beginnings!






3 thoughts on “Spring Semester 2016!

  1. Caroline Chase says:

    Love the way this turned out, Katie! Easy to read and so relevant [&#X1f60a]

    Caroline Chase, M.Ed. SEL Administrative Supervisor 1111 W. 6th Street . Austin, Texas . 78703 caroline.chase@austinisd.org . phone (512) 414.4278 . fax (512) 414.9705

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  2. Judy Nuss says:

    Great post! How clever to link MLK’s words to SEL competencies! I have a feeling Dr. King would have talked and walked explicit SEL in his time if he had known about SEL. Certainly, his accomplishments took high level of SEL competence on his part to be so successful. Thanks for this smooth integration of SEL and celebration of the important life of one of our best known Americans!

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