What are Employers Looking For? Social and Emotional Learning!

Social and emotional skills like perspective-taking, collaboration, and adaptive thinking have long been considered “soft skills:” aspects of personality or character that cannot be taught or learned in a traditional sense.  However, as business environments become more complex, these so-called “soft-skills” are the cold hard criteria employers use to determine their new hires!  Let’s consider some infographics:


This research shows that communication skills, creative thinking and problem solving, as well as motivation and willingness to learn, are just as important as basic academic skills to potential employers. Here’s another from a survey by the University of Phoenix:


click for easier reading!

This infographic shows that, though desired skills vary a little by region, the top 5 across the board are the very skills AISD students are learning through explicit instruction and integration into their core curricula.  Here’s another perspective:


This graphic, based on a survey from Millenial Branding, speaks for itself!  Communication skills? Positive attitude? Adaptable to change?  These are topics specifically addressed in the SEL curricula from pre-K through 12th grade.  And one more, from the University of Oregon and based on research from here, here and here:


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Growth mindset! Adaptive thinking! Collaboration skills! Creativity! Ethics!  Austin ISD scholars are developing these skills early and practicing them often through the innovative social and emotional learning happening on their campuses.  By next year, every single student on every single campus in AISD will be receiving these critical workforce skills.

Because AISD has made SEL a priority, our students are more prepared for careers and life than ever before! SEL experiences in school and via extracurricular activities such as Speak Up, Speak Out and Marathon High are generating 21st century problem-solvers and innovators.  Let’s go AISD SEL–onward toward the future!

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