GRIT–The Story of Marathon High at Dobie Middle School

One goal of social and emotional learning is helping students develop their own true grit–that stick-to-itiveness,  that ability to stay focused on achieving what they want to achieve, even in the face of difficulty and set-backs.  “Grit,” says Mr. Evan Gonzalez, of Dobie Middle School, “is the relentless commitment to a goal.”


Who is Mr. Gonzalez, you ask?  He is an 8th grade US History teacher at Dobie Middle School, and happens to be the sponsor of that school’s chapter of Marathon High.  Marathon High is a running community that pairs high school and middle school students with elite running coaches from Rogue Running, and works with them for five months, training toward the goal of running a half-marathon–13.1 miles!

IMG_1190 IMG_1518 IMG_6199

This year, fully THIRTY THREE Dobie students trained with the Marathon High program and completed the Austin Half-Marathon on Saturday, February 15th.  Other schools in AISD were represented by their own grit-ful students as well, but Dobie’s crew had three times the number of participants of any other school!  Watch their story:

The Dobie students, like all the participants of Marathon High, really embody the essence of grit.  They ran on cold rainy days, through sore muscles, through discouragement and through victory.  They juggled their school work, extra-curricular activities, family responsibilities, and training schedule to make sure it all got done.  They formed and maintained positive relationships with coaches, Mr. Gonzalez, and other teachers who supported them (all SEL skills!).  And behold, they Got! It! Done!


Congratulations to Mr. Gonzalez and all the Marathon High students at Dobie, and all across AISD!  Thanks for being such shining examples of real grit.  Keep on keepin’ on!

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