Brain Break Wednesday- Change of State

Another term for a ‘Brain Break’ is a ‘Change of State.’ When you and/or your students are in a state where it is hard to learn such as bored, tired or disengaged; you can help them change their state to one of excitement, curiosity or intrigue!  You can change someone’s state with a new activity, a new environment, music, media, movement, etc..

A brain break is often a quick and easy way to get your students in a ‘ready to learn’ state! This brain break is integrated with the science concept of ‘changing states.’

  • Change of State! Ask your students stand up and move around the room as  water vapor or steam (gaseous state).
  • Change of State! Now tell you students to move around the room as water (liquid state).
  • Change of State! Tell you students to move around the room as if they are ice (solid state).

How could you adapt this for different ages? What other variations can you think of for this brain break? How can you tell when your students need a change of state?

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