The Compassionate Parent Summer Series!

Summer is here and school is out! Summertime often allows us the opportunity to spend more time with our children and The Center for Nonviolent Communication provides some incredible parenting tips that we believe you will find useful! Here is the first part in our summer series:

“Is your intention to connect or to correct? Parents who can define their parenting purpose or intention can help meet children’s vital needs, including stability, security, safety and guidance.

What is your purpose or intention? To correct and manage your children or to connect with and enjoy them?

For one week, count the number of times in a day you correct your child, and then count the number of times you connect. Which number is greater? What might this information tell you?”

~The Center for Nonviolent Communication

One way to connect with your child is by making something special with them. Since Father’s Day is coming up, here is a great way to bond with your child and be prepared for this Sunday!

Fathers Day Card Craft

Here are the instructions for this Father’s Day idea and many more you can do with your children!

Crafts with your Kids!

Making time for family dinners is another way to connect with your children. This Emotional Life, a series developed to improve our social well-being and development provides many resources as well as this blog with more suggestions on 10 Tips to Connect with Your Child.

One thought on “The Compassionate Parent Summer Series!

  1. Keeth Matheny says:

    I loved the concept of how often do you correct your child compared with often you connect with your child. This reminds me of one of my favorite books “How full is your bucket”. It mentions how in premarital interviews simply counting the ratio of positive to negative interactions has a huge impact on the marriage. They predicted with extremely high accuracy which couples would still be together after 10years. I wonder what a correction / connection with your children ratio would correlate with in later years. Parent child relationship? Self esteem? Drug use?
    This seems like a very important ratio to be aware of.
    Stay on the positive side in your relationships.
    “Relationships are way more important than issues”

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