The Compassionate Educator

Last week Manny Scott, one of the original  Freedom Writers came to speak to schools in AISD. His powerful message began with, ” I was once considered unreachable.” Manny spoke of his experiences in life and at schools and the impact it had on his self-esteem. Just a freshman in high school, he began to say, “People like me, we ain’t supposed to make it!” Manny asks us, “How do you reach that kid?”


Manny Scott-Original Freedom Writer 

“When your students come through the door, do you see them as whole human beings with their own thoughts, feelings, needs, talents, interests and gifts to share? Or do you see them as lazy, disruptive, wild, demanding and rebellious?

How do they feel about themselves?

How you think about your students at the beginning of each day and throughout the year often communicates what you believe about them far louder than your words.

Quickly write down ten descriptive words or phrases that come to mind when you think of your students. Might the way you think about them be affecting the way they are acting?”

-The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Scientific American magazine recently published an article about how stereotypes can hinder academic performance….Read about it here!

How to Expel Hurtful Stereotypes from Classrooms across the Country

And another recommended read on stereotype threat and how it can influence behavior and performance…….


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