The Compassionate Educator

Linder Elementary filled a whole bunch of buckets this week during STAAR testing! Primary teachers, students and staff showed empathy for the intermediate students and teachers that tested this week by “adopting” a class and showing them love and support in many creative ways. These bucket fillers gave out goodie bags to those that were testing and hung posters with words of encouragement to acknowledge all of the hard work their fellow students and colleagues have done this year. Thank you Linder Elementary for leading the way to our next tip in the compassionate educator series!
Linder Elementary

“One of our important needs is empathy.

To meet this need and to increase student-to-student connections in your classroom, consider organizing an empathy buddy system that students could be part of.

Set aside a time of the day or regular times in the week for students to share with each other, and give and receive empathy.”

-The Center for Nonviolent Communication

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