A Compassionate Educator

In the Filipino language they have a word “gigil” that expresses the urge to pinch or squeeze something that is unbearably cute! In fact, many languages around the world have feelings words unique to their cultures. In English, we have over 400 words that can express our emotions. Find out more in our latest compassionate educator tip below:

“A wide-ranging feelings vocabulary provides deeper self-connection and an enhanced ability to express yourself to others. These skills can strengthen compassion in any learning environment.

Help your students enhance their feelings vocabulary.

With your students, make a list of feeling words, and try adding a new word a day for as many days as you can. Put your feelings vocabulary in a prominent place in your classroom.

Each time students feel an emotion that isn’t on the list, invite them to express it by saying it aloud or writing it on the board.”

Feelings & Emotions

A poster with visuals of different feelings helps students identify and label their emotions.

Feeling Words

Check out this list of feelings and emotions you can hand out to your students!

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