A Compassionate Educator

How often do we pick up on the nonverbal cues our students give us? Our body language sends a message that is often times more powerful than our words. Read the newest tip from our series:

“Body language can convey whether we are speaking from a “power over” or “power with” perspective.

What is your body language with your students? What is your body language communicating?

Regardless of how short a child is, to convey that we want to speak with them from a “power with” perspective, we can squat or sit down to talk with them eye-to-eye. We can invite students who are taller than we are to sit down so that we can talk eye-to-eye with them, as well.

Notice how often your students are looking up when they interact with you.”

A teacher and pupil

Here are some tips from the NEA website on how body language can help teachers establish a good rapport with their students!

NEA’s Tips for Teachers on Body Language

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