Brain Break Wednesday: Oxygen to the Brain

Here is a simple Brain Break that can be done anywhere, at anytime.  It is a perfect brain break to use as Standardized Testing begins across the country.

Drum roll please………..

Take a deep breath! It sounds simple, but it is an essential brain break with a huge impact for kids and adults.

reminder take a deep breath 

Taking a deep breath involves breathing in through your nose for 4 counts

and out through your mouth for 4 counts.

Place your hand on your stomach to make sure the movement is coming from there and not your chest.

You can also use a chime or bell that students can listen to as they breath. Students come back together when they can no longer hear the note.

Watch as a sports psychologist explains how to take a simple deep breathe and why it is so important.


More information from Edutopia on how helping students “de-stress” helps them succeed in school.

What are your favorite brain breaks? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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