Brain Break Wednesday: Pass it On- UNO Style

This brain break comes from the AISD Physical Education website full of ideas for quick energizers.

Pass It On Uno Style


Grade Level: 1 – 3

Equipment: Uno Cards

Formation: Form a circle around the perimeter of the room


1. Teacher hands out one Uno card to each student.

2. Students identify color on card and perform activity that corresponds to that color for 10 -15 seconds:

Blue: jump to the sky

Red: squats

Yellow: twist

Green: swim

3. Students then pass the card to the right and repeat the process.


1. Teacher holds up cards to the whole class and they perform the activity that corresponds.

2. Play in partners and give each pair four cards. One partner shows the other partner a card and the partner does the corresponding activity.

3. Teach colors in Spanish.

What are your favorite brain breaks? Feel free to share in the comment section.

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