A Compassionate Educator

John Cotton Dana once said, “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.” The Center for Nonviolent Communication has published tips for creating positive environments for our students and we decided to feature them on our blog….they are just that good!

Here is our first featured tip on listening!

“Listening carefully to students shows that we value what they say and we take them seriously. Listening meets students’ needs for understanding, connection and trust. If you could make only one change in a classroom, listening more is probably the most important one to make. On any given day, make a point of noticing how much you talk and how much you listen. What are the percentages?”

Stay tuned for more Compassionate Educator tips. The website for The Center for Nonviolent Communication provides a wealth of information and you can also subscribe to receive the tips via email for free!

The book below features tools on how to create a compassionate classroom. One of the chapters is dedicated to changing our language from naming and blaming to giving and receiving. Click on the picture to purchase this fantastic resource!

Compassionate Classroom Book

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