Peace Areas and Peace Paths

We have all seen it! The meltdown over a rumor, the argument over a new toy, conflict happens. Peace Areas and peace Paths provide students, teachers, and campuses a space and a method that is safe, sincere, and easy to follow.

The AISD Social and Emotional Learning Department has been following campuses on their journey towards student empowerment to self-regulate and solve their problems.  We have seen imaginative spaces and proactive educators leading the way towards a calmer and more productive school environments!

Dawson Peace AreaThis Peace Area is from Dawson Elementary.  It shows how SEL can be integrated with other Classroom Management programs such as Conscious Discipline.

Becker Peace Area in use!At Becker Elementary check out how they modified the Calm Down Second Step poster to be Dual Language.

Casey Peace Area Reflection Writing 5th gradeThis student at Casey Elementary chose to calm down using reflective writing at a Peace Center.

Brooke Peace Area in GymEven during P.E. class at Brooke Elementary students have a place to calm down and solve problems that often come up during competitive and physical games.

Highland Park K Peace AreaThis Kindergarten teacher at Highland Park created a safe haven that included student artwork. The self-portrait to the left was painted by a young boy to illustrate what he felt like when he was angry. He wanted it to be posted in the Peace Area to encourage other students to use the Peace Area and that they were not alone in their feelings.

Cunningham Outside Peace Path step 3Cunningham Elementary took their Peace Path to the playground!

Barton Hills Wall Posters Peace AreaAt Barton Hills, students created their own Peace Area Instructional Poster for how to calm down when they’re angry.

Andrews Peace Path

Look at this creative way to put your own flair into a Peace Path! Go Andrews Elementary!

Casey Elementary teachers became Croc Stars! They wrote and choreographed their own Crocodile Walk Song that shows students how to calm down.

Check out even more examples of Peace Areas across the district!

Please send your example of a Peace Area, Peace Path, or music video to:

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”  -Aristotle

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